Most Affordable Parking near Queenstown Airport

Short & Long Term Parking – Hawthorne Drive and Red Oaks Drive

YES, We are OPEN, 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer plenty of parking for cars and campervans at a convenient location (only a 15 minute walk) to the Queenstown Airport. No need to pre-book. Pay stations on-site.


We are located in the Hawthorne Drive & Red Oaks Drive Car Parks between the Remarkables Park Town Centre & the Holiday Inn.

How to Pay

Five Onsite Pay Stations , One Virtual Pay Station. No bookings available.


Our prices are the most affordable in Queenstown.


Need to purchase more parking time? You can do this on our Virtual Pay Station extend


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Our Locations on Hawthorne Drive & Red Oaks Drive

Airport Parking Queenstown is located in the Hawthorne Drive Car Park and the Red Oaks Drive Car Park. Entry points are identified with large blue signs. Access to the carparks off

  • Market Street
  • Cherry Blossom Ave
  • Golden Elm Lane
  • Crab Apple Lane
  • Red Oaks Drive

Campervan Parking located at Red Oaks Drive Car Park.

We are only a short walk (approximately 15 minutes), to the Queenstown Airport plus there are two handy public bus stops which link to the Queenstown Airport – or simply call a taxi/uber.

We have NO association with the Queenstown Airport. We are a director competitor offering a more affordable parking option for you