One Virtual Pay Station

No Booking Required. Available 24/7,

365 days a year

Use your device from almost anywhere to access our Virtual Pay Station!

Hawthorne Drive Car Park home of Airport Parking Queenstown

Address: 20 Hawthorne Drive, access off Golden Elm Lane or Crab Apple Lane. (if this car park is full, you can use the Red Oaks Drive car park)

Hawthorne Drive Car Park via Golden Elm Lane or Red Oaks Drive Car Park via Red Oaks Drive.

Head to the shops or your hotel, grab a coffee or start your walk to the Airport .

Go to Virtual Pay Station

On the Virtual Pay Station enter your Registration number and select the period you wish to park for from two categories 
2hrs to 10 days or 
11 days to 42 days.

Pay within 15 mins of parking to avoid any parking infringement fees
No ticket is required, and you haven’t made a booking.

Need a Receipt? Need top up Reminders? 
SET UP EMAIL at the end of your transaction to manage your own parking.

Important Information

  • Our Virtual Pay Station is valid for the Hawthorne Drive Car Park and Red Oaks Drive Car Park.
  • You can ONLY pay on the day you park your vehicle
  • You can’t pre purchase your parking i.e. the day before you arrive 
  • All our Pay Stations (onsite or virtual) are not a booking system, we don’t take bookings
  • Parking prices are the same across all our Pay Stations
  • Our days are also based on a 24-hour period, so paying at 9.33am means you are only valid to park until 9.33am on the day of your return
  • Our Virtual Pay Station allows you to manage your own parking from off-site, avoiding any parking infringement fees.
  • At the end of the transaction you will have the opportunity to SET UP EMAIL to manage your own parking. We strongly recommend that you do this so you receive your e-receipt and ‘Top Up Reminders’ helping you to avoid any parking infringement fees.
  • A $25 admin fee may apply for issues requiring our team to rectify a problem or assisting with issues

Our Pay Stations only accept the following payment methods:
– Mastercard and Visa Credit Cards
– Mastercard and Visa Debit Cards
Note: You will not be required to enter a PIN.

Use our Price Calculator for a super quick way to work out how much your parking will cost, based on number of days.