Extending my Parking

Frequently asked questions

You can extend your parking time

I’m returning later then the time period I purchased! Can I extend my parking time?

Yes, you can! Click on Need to Extend for the instructions.

This can be done at any time but can’t be back-dated. You are only purchasing more parking time.

We provide you with the ability to manage your own parking so you can avoid a potential breach notice (a fine of $85).

How do I extend my parking time?

You can go back to one of our five (5) Onsite Pay Stations


In most cases people use our online Virtual Pay Station accessed from any computer or device from almost anywhere, as long you have access to data.

Click on this link Need to Extend and have a good read!

A few key points to consider:

  • When you originally paid you never made a booking you purchased parking time
  • You need to purchase more parking as near to when your original purchase was made
  • We suggest you extend your paid parking time before it expires to avoid any parking fines as you must be valid to park (Paid)
  • You can purchase more parking time at any time you wish

Our Travels have changed or been disrupted? Can we extend our Parking time?

Yes you can.

Have a read of the FAQ: “How do I extend my parking time?”

From the time you purchase your original parking time, we offer you information to access the tools to manage your own parking time!

Are you associated to the Queenstown Airport?

NO we have NOTHING to do with the Queenstown Airport

We are a separate organisation for short and long term car parking.

(We are also half the price).

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