Manage Your Parking

Frequently asked questions

Receipts – Parking reminders – Online access

Can I manage my own Parking?

Yes you can, I’m trying to do myself out of a job

Our system has been designed so you can manage your own parking.

  • You can get your own eReceipt (proof of purchase)
  • You can Set-Up your email to receive top-up parking reminders.
  • You can pay online using our Virtual Pay Station
  • If your travel plans change you can extend your parking using our online Virtual Pay Station

These tools are available to all our users and are in place to ensure your vehicle is always valid to park.

Should I read the tariff board next to the onsite Pay Stations?

That’s a GREAT IDEA!

  • They provide you with information that will help you manage your own parking . I’m trying to do myself out of a job!
  • They confirm our sliding scale daily rates
  • They offer contact details if you need to speak to someone
  • Best of all they display a QR Code once scanned allows you to Pay Online via our Virtual Pay Station, Genius!
    • some mornings the Pay Station screens get iced up &
    • sometimes the glare from the sun makes it hard to read the Pay Station screens

And an even better idea take a photo of the Tariff board so you have all the information you need in one spot!

How do I get a receipt of purchase for my parking time?

You can get one if you follow the prompts when using our Pay Stations.

Hint: Have your camera ready to take a screenshot at the end of your transaction to ensure you have your 4 digit receipt code captured

Receipts are available on enter that 4-digit code and plate number you just purchased parking time for. You can set up email to receive your electronic receipt and top-up reminders.

Even better if you are a regular user of our parking facility and use the same plate number (vehicle to park each time) you only need to do the setup once then each time you park the receipt will automatically get sent to your email.

Can I book and pay online for my parking in advance?

NO, we don’t take bookings you are paying for a period of time.

We provide you with tools to manage your own parking.

You can use our Online Virtual Pay Station after you park your vehicle.

Click on How to Pay for more details

Do I receive a ticket to display on my car from the pay station?

You won’t receive a paper ticket as our Pay Stations are all PAPER FREE

Therefore no printed ticket will be issued.

However, you can get a GST receipt by following the prompts on the Pay Station during your transaction.